Welcome to your Quickstart Training! Shortly we'll have our first phone call together but there is plenty you can do in the meantime to speed up your progress. What you'll find below is a step-by-step Video Training Series that we've prepared for you. There are five videos to watch in all, beginning with an in-depth look at eBay and the massive opportunity that awaits you there.

Next you'll follow along as we help you open three necessary accounts, including your eBay account. The final video in this series is a fun exercise that will prepare you to make your first sales on eBay. With a worksheet in hand you'll identify several items from around your home that you can sell under our guidance.

Get started by watching the first video below. Then, as you have time, continue through the rest. Completing them before our first call will give you a huge advantage and let you focus on launching your eBay business without delay.
In the next video, we'll walk you through the process of opening your free business email account. We'll show you, step-by-step exactly how it's done and you'll learn why choosing the right email address can be important for your business.
Now you're ready to open your eBay Account. In this video you'll learn how. Opening your eBay Account is relatively easy to do but there is one key part of this process that can have an effect on your future sales. We'll make sure you do it just right.
You're now ready to open your PayPal account. You'll be using this free account to get paid by your customers. Follow along as we teach you which type of account is best for you and how to set it up... it only takes a few minutes.
At the end of this next exercise you'll have a list of items that you'll ultimately sell on eBay, under our expert guidance. Here we'll talk about what type of products sell best on eBay and you'll explore your home in search of items you can sell on eBay - not just to make a few bucks but for the learning experience. To begin, print the worksheet below titled "Your eBay List"!

Your eBay List